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* Anti Itch Medication for Dogs

SteroidsAnti Itch Medication for Dogs There are several medication options for pets that itch. Like humans, pets can suffer from itches. The anti-itch medications given to your pet to relieve its suffering depends on a wide number of factors. A trip to the vet is always advisable when your pet has issues.

Type of Pet  Treatments for your pet’s itching could vary depending upon what kind of pet you have, although the same products are sometimes used. To be sure that the product you have is appropriate for your pet, do not assume it is safe for both cats and dogs and check with your veterinarian.

Pet Allergies  According to CBS News’ Chicago affiliate, pets can be allergic to many things, including grass, fungi, mushrooms, fleas and dust.

Treatments  According to, treatments for allergies in dogs and cats include special medicated baths, antihistamines, steroids, eye drops and shots. For many, special medicated shampoos are the way to go because antihistamines don’t work well for their pet (makes them drowsy) or steroids are expensive and can be dangerous if used for a prolonged period. However, steroids can be used with great short-term success in severe cases.

Parasites  Parasites such as ringworms, fleas and ticks can cause itching in cats and dogs. A veterinarian can take a scraping from the pet’s skin to diagnose skin parasites. For dogs, treatment usually includes Ivermectin, an anti-parasitic medication.

Article By Vicki Holmes

Best Anti Itch Shampoo for Dogs  PurestPets is a specially formulated allergy relief shampoo for dogs. It contains a blend of hypoallergenic compounds to provide gentle cleansing while simultaneously eliminating bothersome allergens, fungus, and bacteria from your dog’s coat.

Dog Shampoo Made from the Purest Ingredients  PurestPets antibiotic and antifungal dog shampoo is formulated to reduce the itching and scratching cause by allergies and dermatitis. Unlike many commercial-based dog shampoos, PurestPets does not contain any Triclosan, a questionable antibiotic that has been known to kill beneficial bacteria along with the harmful bacteria. Preserving beneficial bacteria is a great defense against yeast issues as well. If you would like to try PurestPets please visit

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